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Royal Spa® Structure Hair Gel

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Royal Spa Structure Hair Gel combines two powerful setting and body agents that work synergistically for slicking, spiking, scrunching and wet looks. Royal Spa Structure Hair Gel contains water-binding humectants and protein conditioners to ensure protection and proper moisture for maximum resilience. Royal Spa Structure Hair Gel is great for promoting shine and has excellent curl retention and memory.


Perfect for slicking, spiking, scrunching and wet looks Contains water-binding humectants, protein conditioners and sunscreens Ensures protection and proper moisture for maximum resilience Promotes shine, curl retention and memory


Hydrolyzed Wheat Protein
Hydrolyzed wheat protein is a moisturizing and conditioning protein derived from whole wheat. It increases the hair’s ability to retain moisture, and impart shine and gloss to damaged and dull hair. Due to its low molecular weight, it easily penetrates the hair shaft, allowing it to attract and retain moisture, build body and reduce porosity, all of which improves hair manageability, luster and smoothness.

Retinyl Palmitate (Vitamin A) and Tocopherol (Vitamin E)
Vitamins A and E are essential nutrients with antioxidant properties that combat free-radical activity.


How do I use Royal Spa Structure Hair Gel?
Work a small amount through hair and style as desired. Excellent for blow-drying, roller sets and wet looks. Use a larger amount for super hold .

Is Royal Spa Structure Hair Gel water soluble?
Yes. It will easily wash out of your hair with shampoo. To retain the shine and conditioning, use Royal Spa shampoo and conditioners.

Will using this gel dry out my hair?
Quite the contrary, actually! Royal Spa Structure Hair Gel is specially formulated to hold your hair style, while simultaneously conditioning and hydrating your hair to give it a healthy shine.

Will my hair be crunchy after using Royal Spa Structure Gel?
Use this product as directed and avoid oversaturation to avoid a “crunchy” feeling.

Is this product tested on animals?
No. Royal Spa products are not tested on animals.


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